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5 Things About Growing House Plants In Water You'll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

Plants that grow in water: A no-fuss, mess-free technique for growing houseplants

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Who does not want to have a stylish collection of lush green plants in their house? Many of us have them or would like to have them in our spaces but the problem that we all face is the mess that happens around these houseplants.

Dirt and insects are commonly found near houseplants, which would pose as a potential breeding ground for health related issues, especially with kids.


Did you know that plants don't actually need soil to live?

If we observe carefully we will notice that the mess and problems that houseplants create are basically a result of them being grown in soil. Soil only fulfills the purpose of acting as a fixture for plant support and provides a way for the plant to suck moisture and nutrients absorbed by soil.

However, you need to take into account that soil is not a necessary medium to be used to grow houseplants, with hydro culture you have the upper hand by not having the need to have soil and still grow beautiful plants, because you can technically grow just about any plant in water.

growing pothos houseplant cuttings in water


What is hydro culture?

Using hydro culture we can eliminate dirt, dust and health related issues in one go. A common and a very popular example that many of you must have seen would be bamboo sticks( saplings) grown in a jar with nothing but water and pebbles for support!

In hydro culture Soil or dirt is replaced with some general fixative like gravel or pebbles, which would act at support to the plant keeping its roots steady and giving it strength to grow. 

Now you don't always have to use gravel or petals especially if your able to find containers that have smaller openings.

Choosing the material for the pot is for you determine, anything from a glass, plastic to a ceramic can be used but you should take care not to choose clay or metallic pots because these pots would be filled with a pre-determined quality of water based nutrient solution.

Clay or metallic pots would either leak or get rusted, which would defy our purpose of choosing hydro culture in the first place, as it would create a lot of mess and you will have face many cleaning related issues!
holding pothos houseplant cuttings getting ready to add to water fro propagation

What are the benefits of growing plants in water?

* Healthier:

One of the major benefits of growing plants in water is the health benefits it offers. Soil brings dirt, dust, spores mildew, and mold and even odors which could be a cause of allergies or aggravate them. Many insects and pests related to plants grow in soil, as we are opting hydro culture for growing plants we can forget about this problem.

* Cleaner:

Using water instead of soil is a cleaner approach for growing houseplants. There are fewer spills and whenever the spill does happens, it is a lot easier to clean by just wiping out the spill. Spills with dirt would require cleaning the soil and dirt residue and is undesirable. 

* Easy process of watering:

Watering a plant grown literally in water is as easy as it gets, just pour in the determined quantity of water. No spills, under fill or over fills!

* Less maintenance:

Soil absorbs and evaporated the water which increases the need to giving water. Pebbles used in hydro culture do not absorb water and also can be reused which reduces maintenance. Maintenance really just includes changing the water once it's no longer clear and making sure to use a fertilizer meant for hydro culture. 

* Optimum for plants:

When growing plants in water, the roots of the plants absorb all the nutrients evenly with proper aeration, thus nurturing a plant more efficiently.

Apart from above given benefits, there are many other benefits you would adore. Here are some of our favorite plants to grow in water.


Chinese Evergreen 'Silver Bay'

Calathea 'Ornata'

Calathea Lancifolia 'Rattlesnake'

Pothos 'Neon'

Spathiphyllum 'Peace Lily'

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