Houseplants need as much as care as any other living being does.

How to Properly Water Indoor Plants

Houseplants need as much as care as any other living being does.

We are often so busy in our daily activities that we generally ignore houseplants or take them for granted. Such carelessness towards houseplants results in their premature death. To keep houseplants in shape we need take care of a number of things amongst which watering forms a major part.


Woman watering House Plants

Though it may appear simple, watering a plant requires considerable knowledge and discipline.

Many of us may believe that all we need to do is to pour some water over the houseplants at regular intervals and we will be done. In fact this assumption is fallacious since different plants have different requirements of water.


More over people often make the mistake of over watering their houseplant to make up the loss of so many days of neglect when they forgot to water the plant. The common idea people apply here is that since the houseplant has been dry for a long time and never knowing when they will get time again to water the plant, the load of water is poured in the plant pot?

Now the plant has to bear the weight of the over watering. The extra water clogs the roots and hinders the process of nutrient intake by houseplant. So naturally houseplant will get weaker day by day.

What about underwatering?

Not watering the houseplant leads to salt deposit in the inside of the container and on the upper crust of the soil. This salt acts as an acid. As a result your little companion which has always been there to perform its duty of beautifying your house slowly pales down to infirmity. It looks sad. So considering all this we come to the solution. The solution is to water the houseplant moderately and thoroughly.

Woman watering House Plants

But how much is too much or too less?

Always check by pricking at least 2 cms in the soil. If there is wetness or dryness. If soil is wet there then plant needs less water or if soil is dry it needs more water. Water it till the time you see the water running through that little outlet at the bottom.

Always use the proper watering container to water the plant. Sprinkle water all over the surface of the soil evenly and on the leaves as well. If the soil has become hard then dig it a bit so that water reaches all the places. Also avoid moisture near the plant as it tends to slows down the respiration process.


You should have a timetable as per the size and requirement of your houseplant. Water it accordingly and see it coming to life back again. It is just like us, when we overeat or eat less we fall ill and take the medicines.

If you feel that the conditions of your houseplant have worsened then you can always contact the plant specialist here at Cotton Plus Cream.

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