We celebrate what it means to be a woman today. We encourage self-confidence and self-expression, a place where women from different worlds can come together and be themselves.

Cotton Plus Cream Woman of Color Owned

Meet Shontelle Nicole

Hey, ya'll! My name is Shontelle Nicole. I am the shop owner, designer and creative behind Cotton Plus Cream. I have struggled with depression, social anxiety, and a lack of self love for a long time.

If you knew me "back then", then you know the power of loving yourself is a real thing and it works.

We want to provide a space for you to love yourself, sip coffee and repot plants on your own accord. Not into plants? That's okay. Around these parts you are free to do whatever helps you live your authentic life. We got you.

Our Values

We're lifestyle first and foremost. We live for making moments that will last a lifetime and believe loving ourselves first will always beat waiting for someone else to love us.

  • Courage

    Courage to rebel against a toxic industry industry of being flawless

  • Respect 

    Respect for yourself, others, and the tolerance to deal with those who don't accordingly

  • Passion 

    Passion for quality products that create a "more self love" lifestyle

  • Inclusion

    While we are woman-forward, we support every person. All people benefit from self love and we are here to share

We don't accept ordinary

We believe everyone has the power to be extra-ordinary. Our clothing and accessories provide a platform for self-expression served up with a slice of keeping it real.

Our Mission

Cotton Plus Cream LLC is where I share my testimonies and everyday life as a mom and small business owner through creativity and transparency. It's also where you'll get a glimpse inside what a person with social anxiety who's down to earth but also light years away from being a perfect human being really looks like when trying to grow as a person in general.

You don't always get the full picture when you're on the outside looking in but I do want to try and shed a little light on how practicing self love, self care, and self work can improve life in general.

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Live in the moment

We like to keep things crisp like a Rosé on a hot summer's day and promise to bring the heat, no matter what the season.

Made with love in VA
Woman of Color Owned
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